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Walking the Freedom Trail

NOTE: This is an “in progress” story post, being created as part of a DEMO at WordCamp Milwaukee 2015 and WordCamp Toronto 2015.

On the morning of Saturday, July 18, 2015, we found ourselves in the Boston Common at the starting point for the historic Freedom Trail. Our adventure had started a day earlier with a pair of tickets to anywhere JetBlue flies, combined with a nearly spontaneous decision to spend the weekend in Boston hiking through history. Continue reading

The Double Date Adventure

It all started innocently enough with a charity auction.

It ended this past Sunday when I was kidnapped by an evil pharmaceutical company, rescued by two women who then were poisoned by the pharmaceutical company’s CEO, and finally tagged along as the women were saved at the last minute with an experimental antidote.

But back to how this adventure all began . . .  Continue reading